Metro Design Fundamentals - Philly .NET Code Camp 2012.1 Edition

Philly .NET Code Camp 2012.1

I had the privilege of speaking at the Philly .NET Code Camp 2012.1 at Penn State Abington this past Saturday.  My talk was titled Filling in the UX Gaps in Metro Style Apps, which should sound familiar since that was the title of my TechBASH presentation.  However, I've modified the presentation quite a bit since then so the new title for it is Metro Design Fundamentals.  The modifications I made were mostly related to beefing up the section on design inspirations and spending a bit more time talking about just how important design is to Metro style apps.  Your app isn't going to make it into the store without taking UX and design into account.  This stuff's important!

Thanks again to the folks at Philly .NET for allowing me to speak at this great event.  I had a blast!

You can download the slides here: Metro Design Fundamentals (PDF, 18MB)