BUILD was great, even for non-attendees

Microsoft BUILD

Microsoft's //build/ conference this week was quite a show.  Attendees were truly the lucky ones since they all received a tablet with the Windows 8 Developer Preview loaded on it.  Clearly, this is the best way to experience the new Metro styled apps so I'm looking forward to my colleagues returning to Infragistics with theirs on Monday (until then, I'm still running Windows 8 on my Mac in Boot Camp).

That being said, the conference was still great for those of us not lucky enough to be in Anaheim this week.  Microsoft's streaming of the keynotes both of the first 2 days was nearly flawless in crisp HD quality.  The Windows 8 Developer Preview was made available to everyone, not just attendees, Tuesday night.  All of the sessions are available in HD for streaming or download over at Channel9.  The Windows Dev Center is chock full of guides and samples already during the conference.  All of this adds up to a non-attendee conference experience that has been very enjoyable.

Thank you Microsoft for putting on a great show!