Windows 8 - First Impressions

Microsoft put on a great show at the BUILD Day 1 Keynote.  If I had to sum up my reaction in one word it would probably be impressed.  Looking past some awkwardness in the first segment and "demo fail" moments here and there throughout, the keynote was really well thought out and well presented.  I think all in all, the keynote lived up to the hype.

The star of the show was Windows 8.  Steven Sinofsky broke down the keynote into four areas of focus:

  • Windows 8 Experience (Metro start screen, picture password, personalization)
  • Metro Style Platform and Tools (pick your language - JS, C, C++, C#, VB, XAML, Expression Blend support for JS/HTML, WinRT, Win App Store)
  • Hardware Platform (connected standby, wide array of screen sizes)
  • Cloud
I will dedicate a detailed blog post to each of these segments later tonight.  For now, it's a waiting game as we wait for the new Windows Dev Center to open its doors.  A full Developer Preview of Windows 8 will be available for download including all of the tools needed to build Metro Style Windows 8 applications.  Can't wait!